Trouble Staffing Nurses?

Traditional recruitment tactics aren’t cutting it. It’s time for a new strategy.

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Rethink Your Hiring Process

In the traditional recruitment model, you publish a job ad or hire a recruiter. But, the market is oversaturated, which means your jobs must stand out. That’s where Caregiver Connect comes in.

How It Works

By utilizing our proprietary recruitment solution, we put your job description in front of qualified nurses in your markets — where they’re already engaged on their devices. You’ll gain exposure for a fraction of standard recruitment costs.

Nurse Recruitment Experience Audit

NRE Audit

Our Nurses Recruitment Experience (NRE) audit evaluates your hiring journey and compares it to your competition. We’ll look for unique ways to delight your candidates.

24/7 Tracking

24/7 Tracking

We’ll build tracking solutions that align with the recruitment strategy developed from the NRE Audit. This tells us where adjustments need to be made during the campaign.



Based on your needs, we’ll launch a digital multi-touchpoint campaign. This allows us to put your brand in front of talent before they’ve had a chance to see your competition.

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