Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Caregiver Connect is a new way of connecting with qualified candidates before they actively look to change careers. As such, we understand that you may have a few questions. We’ve answered the most common questions here.

What’s the difference between Caregiver Connect and a recruitment agency?

Unlike a recruitment agency, which works with multiple clients — including your competition — to find you applicants, Caregiver Connect is only working on behalf of you. We’re not just connecting with qualified candidates on LinkedIn. We’re also putting your available positions in their inbox, on their social feeds, and in the commercials of their favorite shows. We connect with them where they already are to curate a more natural and top-of-mind experience.

What’s the difference between Caregiver Connect and job boards — such as Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and Monster?

On average, healthcare professionals are only spending 10 – 14 days on job boards before they find a new job. If you’re relying on job boards to find your top talent, then you’ll need to ensure your hiring process is quicker than your competitors. Otherwise, you’ll miss out. Caregiver Connect gives you the upper hand by putting your open positions in front of qualified candidates before they look for a new job. That means they’ll connect with you before visiting job boards like Indeed or ZipRecruiter.

Will Caregiver Connect work with my ATS solution?

ATS stands for application tracking system. Caregiver Connect currently only integrates seamlessly with AcquireTM. But, we can work with your existing ATS provider to set up parameters and create custom integrations so that you can continue using your ATS solution. If your ATS solution is through a provider other than AcquireTM and you need custom integrations, contact our sales team.

Who can you help me recruit?

From RN and LPNs to CNAs and HHAs, we can help you find and connect with all healthcare professionals. Are you looking for physicians or other unique positions? We’re constantly tweaking our lists to include the candidates you need most. Talk to our sales team about your specific needs, and we’ll adjust our solutions to help you recruit.

How are you driving traffic?

Qualified candidates spend their days checking email, connecting with friends and colleagues on social media, winding down by watching YouTube videos, and more. We drive traffic to your open positions by connecting with your candidates where they already are. From paid ads to landing pages, we’ll put your brand in front of top talent to pique their interest before they’ve even thought about looking for a new job. And, we’ll monitor your campaign to help you better understand where candidates are in their job search.

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