Why Do Nurses Quit Their Jobs

Why Do Nurses Quit Their Jobs?

For many nurses, having a job as a caregiver is more like a calling than simply a career. However, that doesn’t mean nurses are always tied down to one job forever. As one of the most in-demand jobs in the US, nurses often have many options when it comes to where to work, and if a place isn’t […]

nurse burnout prevention

8 Ways to Prevent Nurse Burnout

You didn’t get into nursing because it was an easy career. If you’re like most nurses, you chose it because you have a knack for caring for others and a passion to make a difference in their lives. Even so, sometimes even the most enthusiastic nurses can face an unexpected challenge: burnout. If your passion for […]

Nursing Recruitment Strategies

7 Creative Nursing Recruitment Strategies

It should come as no surprise that nurse practitioners are one of the most in-demand jobs across the country. Especially in the wake of COVID, recruiting and retaining talented nurses is more competitive than ever. Because of this, employers are finding new and innovative ways to attract caregivers. But what strategies work? And are you […]